What is a typical Niagara University student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Niagara University.


Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2019

The type of person who should attend Niagara University is some one who is willing to put time and effort into their work and someone who wants to be part of a community.

Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2018

Niagara University has students that are, in general, dedicated to helping others. As a Vincentian university, the goal of the school is to give an education to those who are pursuing a field that is geared towards assisting the global community, from teachers to scientists, to businessman to nurses. If you're the kind of person who feels good receiving a "thank you," or finds joy in causing another person to smile, Niagara is the school for you.

Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2017

Someone who is really passionate about what they want to do career wise. Some one that likes a close knit environment and developing close personal connections with peers and faculty.

Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2018

The typical Niagara student is not so typical. My main reason for choosing this school is because they made me feel like a family the second I walked through the door. NIagara is one big family.

Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2016

Hard working, determined, and very focused. Most students take the education very seriously so when they do go out and have fun it's very much deserved.

Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2018

The typical student is independent, kind, genuinely cares about other people. The typical student is also intelligent and cares about their school work. Also, the typical student knows that they can rely on their friends and fellow peers because Niagara has such a close-knit community.

Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2015

Despite frigid temperatures, students at Niagara University are always warm and friendly. Seriously, I will never forget the very first class I ever walked into three years ago as a freshman in my first semester. I walked in and immediately a girl smiled at me, said hello and asked me what my name was. As a small university with so many friendly people, I have always felt welcome. Even in general education classes I have always found myself in an environment where students and professors both know how to make learning enjoyable and educational at the same time. It is the perfect school for students like me--individuals who want the most out of their educational experience; a place where one is not just a number, but a person who is acknowledged and treated as a scholar and not just a student. I never would have thought that I would be as close as I am to my professors. They have taught me so much within the classroom, but I also find myself gravitating to their offices just for the pleasure of having intelligent discussions with brilliant minds. I spent my whole life looking for a place where I felt like I belonged, and from my first day at NU, students and faculty alike have gone out of their way to make sure this has been achieved.

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