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How can I get help returning to school?

I have ADD, am 55 years-old, and divorced as of 2012. My Son is 18 and his work schedule was cut down to 11 hours per week. I pay our expenses and health insurance on police disability.


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You have quite a few options for receiving financial aid; however, some of those options will depend upon the the type of school (community college vs. four year, private vs. public, technical vs. liberal arts etc) you attend and the degree you pursue.

Without knowing where you live or what you would like to study it's hard to provide specific resources, but I recommend contacting the financial aid departments of the schools nearest you.

Noodle has both a paying for college and a financial aid page that are filled with expert advice on how to afford higher education.

The end of this article on paying for college without parental support offers some resources that can be used by prospective students of any age.

Additionally, Finaid is a great place to visit to get a general overview of how the financial aid process works.

There are also independent scholarships--I can't tell your gender from your question, but if you happen to be a single mother, here is a list of scholarships for which you may be eligible. Eligibility for each scholarship will vary from school to school.

Hopefully these resources give you something to work with. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to write back. If you specify what you'd like to study and where, generally, you would like to go to school, someone at Noodle may possibly be able to help you find more specific scholarships and financial aid awards!

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