My daughter wants to study abroad in Latin America but I'm worried about safety. Should I try to persuade her to go to Spain instead? How safe are these programs?


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When any student thinks about safety overseas they should first think, "would I do this at home, or in NYC/LA/Miami?" It is never safe to get intoxicated and wander around in public spaces. It would never be safe to get in a cab alone, late at night or walk home late at night alone. Unfortunately, as we continue to see, random violence is everywhere and it can happen in Latin America just like it can happen in Ohio. Street smart is the first advice you can give your child. Here is a nice article:

Now for you, once you find a program and provider you are comfortable and run you due diligence, let them do their job. Read this for once your daughter is on her way!

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I would say that Latin America has many and very different countries, so I guess there must be places safer than others. I am positive that there are schools where you have nothing at all to be afraid of. However, I am not a specialist in these countries, so I wouldn't be able to recommend one. What I can actually do is to recommend my country, Spain, not only because of the safety but also because of the teaching quality. And if I am allowed to go a bit further, I would recommend a small city as Valencia (barely 800.000 inhabitants) located on the East coast.

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