Describe the type of student who should attend Buena Park High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Buena Park High School, Class of 2017

High school is the one of the major step for an individual's future. Some people believe that education is not very important to the society. Students have to sit in class for hours learning things that they will never able to apply in real life. However, these are skills that students can pass on to the next generation. When I was still in Junior High School, many people said that Buena Park High School was not that great. Troy is the best. Notwithstanding, I still want to go to Buena Park High School. In my perspective, I would not go to any other school besides Buena Park. It has a very welcoming atmosphere and environment that help the students open up their mind. Students who are open-minded, hard-working, well-mannered, and firmly believe in education should attend Buena Park High School. Unlike any other school in California, Buena Park High School operates at a high level. Students need to respect one another and the staffs in school. Also, students who take their education seriously and put a lot of effort in whatever they do should surely attend Buena Park High School. Buena Park High School is not only a place to get the best education, but it is also a place for students to learn their morals as human-beings.

Anonymous, Student, Buena Park High School, Class of 2016

The type of student that should attend Buena Park High School, is a student that is not easily knocked down by what other people might think of the school's reputation, someone who has pride and is involved in their school, a student who can appreciate how hard the faculty and the teachers work for their education, and someone who is going to take all the chances that the school has to offer to get ahead. This is the type of student that should attend Buena Park High School because this is the kind of student that they deserve. Other schools in the district underestimate us, but any time that someone transfers from another school to ours they are happy because everyone is more friendly and helpful compared to their old school. This school really makes an effort to do all that they can for the students and if every student was the student that I described other schools would give us the respect that we deserve.

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