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Describe the type of student who should attend Eureka College. Why?



The type of student that should attend Eureka college is a student of vigor and pride. A student that will push their self to strive to only be the best that they can possibly be. This institution needs to be filled with students that know how to conduct themselves in manner that will help them to achieve all their goals, and aspirations in life. No matter what school you decide or anybody should decide to attend it should be a school full of diverse, independent, inspirational beings, that plan to reach great expectations on day. This type of student should attend Eureka because when you think of college you think of a place full of successful people that will help you to be just like them. I only dream of being one of those people some day, and I have a strong feeling that Eureka will take me all the way.

Anonymous, Student, Eureka College, Class of 2019

A student that wants a small class setting and one on one time with your professor should attend Eureka.

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