Can you help me simplify the expression 6(x-6)-2(x-3)+5?


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To simplify 6(x-6)-2(x-3)+5, you must first distribute the 6 to each of the terms in the binomial it is being multiplied by and distribute the -2 to each of the terms in the binomial that it is being multiplied by... So (6)(x) + (6)(-6) + (-2)(x)+ (-2)(-3) + 5 or 6x - 36 - 2x + 6 + 5. Then combine like terms... 6x - 2x - 36 + 6 + 5 or 4x - 25

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Take the problem listed above and follow... 6(x-6)-2(x-3)+5 - first use the distributive property 6(x) - 6(6) -2(x)-2(-3) + 5 Now complete the rest of the distrib. property 6x - 36 - 2x +6 + 5 Now combine like terms 6x - 2x - 36 + 6+5 4x - 36 + 6 + 6 4x - 30 + 6 4x - 24

The answer must stop here as there are no other like terms to combine.

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You'll want to start out by multiplying the values inside of the parentheses by the numbers outside of them. You'll then add like values (add/subtract all of your x's together and do the same for the other numbers) to get a simplified expression. Make sure to note whether a particular number is positive or negative!

For extra help, check out these videos on simplifying expressions on our learning resources page.

Feel free to ask more questions if you get stumped again! Good luck!

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