Asked about: Cam High School

What is a typical Cam High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Cam High School.


Anonymous, Student, Cam High School, Class of 2016

A typical CAM student takes his/her education very seriously. Since CAM only offers the core academics, students who attend commit themselves to about roughly three to five hours of homework or studying each night. Neighboring schools often label CAM as the "nerd" school ,but a student at CAM honestly does not really mind. He gasps when he hears a swear word and would rather spend his Friday night with his fellow classmates playing board games or cards, rather than attending a rowdy party. His athleticism is far from remarkable, but if "League of Legends" were an Olympic Sport, he would have a shot at gold By the end of four years, he knows all of his thirty classmates like the back of his hand, although he despises when the teachers label them as "CAMily." On the rare occasion of a new student, classmates quickly welcome him into their tight knit friendship, after of course they have shown him the film The Princess Bride ( nobody is a true CAM kid unless they have seen it.) A typical CAM kid complains daily about how the homework load, but would never consider leaving the school. He loves his classmates, teachers, and even the power hungry lunch-lady far too much to leave. Anyone who is willing to put in hours of work towards their education and is able to maintain a positive attitude despite failures or disappointments should attend CAM.

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