Describe the type of student who should attend James Madison University. Why?


Anonymous, Student, James Madison University, Class of 2018

James Madison University has a diverse campus filled with students that are involved in many different organizations and are passionate about many different fields of study. A James Madison student should be unique and open-minded. It is a place where being yourself shouldn't be hidden, infact, it is a place that encourages diversity and creativity. One that does not fear challenges or struggles, but is someone who thrives from the downfalls. Being a Duke is more than just being a college student, there is a pride and privilege that encompasses the students on campus. JMU students opens doors for people, greets the employees, and acts upon the mentality of simply being kind to one another. The type of student that should attend James Madison University is someone who embodies all of these qualities and more, and is eager to learn and grow as a student into an adult after graduating as a Duke.

Anonymous, Student, James Madison University, Class of 2019

Any type of person will feel at home at JMU. You will find yourself interacting with people you would never had expected to talk to. Everyone at the school is friendly (which is shown through our door holding habits). Every person will find their niche, even if it isn't right away.

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