Would you recommend attending Chapin High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Chapin High School, Class of 2016

Yes, of course! The teachers match the student's thirst for knowledge by always having interesting lectures and great hands-on activities to encourage the students to work hard and have fun!

Anonymous, Student, Chapin High School, Class of 2018

If I had the choice to recommend someone to attend Chapin High School I would! I would recommend my high school because we offer an amazing program called the MAGNET program for students who are interested in becoming any type of Engineer when they grow up! By the time a student graduates they would have more then enough credits for graduation and an associates degree. We also have a program called Student 2 Student (S2S). This program is geared toward helping new students, new military students in particular, transition into their new high school. S2S provides tours of the high school, opportunities to join any sport or club, even help finding the right group of friends! Chapin High School is also just a big family! All the students are just welcoming and friendly to all those who are new. The high school has each year's graduating class representatives, chosen by the students. Class meetings are held more then twice a month where all those interested in the success of their graduating class are invited to pitch ideas that are also voted upon. Over all Chapin High School is a great place for any student. There's something for everyone!

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