Hello, everyone! I am about to find new job, and Just passed my interview for it, but drug test is required, due to some circumstances I am afraid that I’m probably gonna fail the test, and there will be no second chance to apply to this job, so I feel really nervous about that. Have you ever faced such a problem?


Anonymous, thanks

Guys, now I am also searching for information by myself, and have found some information sources where people tell that there is other way to pass test. I've read few articles and reviews where it's mentioned that detox drinks for passing such a test do work. Do you know anything about that? Does it really work? But in these reviews people offering tifferent type of such detox drink, have you bought them? Because all articles tell: Don't buy detox drinks at walmart. Is it right advice?

Anonymous, thanks

Thanks for advice. I also have a friend that uses the fake urine and it has worked for years as he told me. But I am not sure that I will be able to use that, and also I am not sure that it wil be urine test, probably it will be hair, or something like that.

Anonymous, You can try this

As I know some fake urine exist, that was made specially for such tests. My friend once used it and told that really works, I am not sure, you can find some information in reviews and articles, in order to find out if fake pee for drug test is safe

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