What are 5 adjectives that describe a typical student at UMich?


jrudolf, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor '18

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  1. Motivated- the students are motivated to do well as they strive to have a successful career in the future, or to get into the graduate school of their choice. 2. Competitive- In such a competitive environment, students often feel as though they are competing against those around them to succeed. This is beneficial as it often promotes drive and motivation that is otherwise lacking. 3. Curious- Students are curious in topics ranging from the news, education, exploring relationships, hobbies, and new things. 4. Inexperienced- while there is a competitive nature to my school, the students are in fact still students, and lack real world experience, which is provided for them as they continue. 5. Unique- each student has different experiences, preferences, likes and dislikes.
aburnell, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor '18

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  1. Motivated - you will not succeed here if you are unmotivated.Motivated - you will not succeed here if you are unmotivated. 2. Innovative - each student is rising as an asset in their prospective or current academic fields of study. 3. Accomplished - it took a lot of effort on each student's behalf to earn the opportunity to study at Michigan. 4. Evolving - each of us are continually developing and learning to become more successful as individuals. 5. Zealous - the pursuit of any goal at this school is done fervently and intensively.

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