What is it like to be a student at CUA? What do they do for fun? Tour guide was a girl - what do guys there like about it? What do they do in their spare time? If there is a running club, where do they run? Is the honors program an advantage?


Christian O, CUA

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To be a student at CUA means that you are going to get a first-class education from professors that truly care about their students. You will not be a number at this university and that was one of the major attractions that I saw here at CUA. Other universities and colleges that I applied to, the average class size was over 70 students. Here at CUA my average class size was 20. My professors knew my name which is a great feeling because they are the ones that can get you connected to people and help you with finding an internship or job. I have many friends who’s professors got them in touch with people in the Senate for an internship, or who wrote them a great recommendation. No matter you major you will receive a quality education. CUA also have a great great great!!! study abroad programs that range from going to Rome, Oxford-England, Barcelona, to name only few, but we have programs around the world. That’s the school aspect, but there are many other advantages to going to school at CUA. For fun we go into the city- D.C. has endless museums and so much fun stuff to do, whether it be an event on the National Mall or tours of the White House, there’s is always something NEW to do--that goes for girls and guys. When I was a freshman I would take the metro in with some friends and we would get lost in the city. We would have so much fun and those are some of the best memories I have. There is a running club and there are also great trails to run near campus. Ever fun to the Capitol? Washington Monument? Or Lincoln? You can from a trail that starts two blocks from school called the MBT Trail; they are great runs. I am not sure about the Honors Program because I was not involved in it but I know plenty of people who are and they love it. One of my professors this semester was an Honors professor and he was one of the best I have ever had. You did not ask about the faith aspect of CUA, but I will tell you if you want to expand your faith there is no better place or if it not something for you that’s cool too. No one makes you go to Church other than yourself. I hope this helps.

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