How good are the teachers in this school? Do the teachers treat students fairly, regardless of race? Is there assistance for Spanish children?


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You can read the 2012-2013 Accountability Report for Kissimmee Elementary School here. It will give you detailed information about student achievement in various demographic groups and grade levels.

To answer the question "Do the teachers treat students fairly, regardless of race?", it will be most informative to visit the school and speak to other families whose children attend. Many schools offer tours throughout the fall, so you may want to call (407) 935-3640 to ask if these are available. If so, you'll have an opportunity to observe teachers' interactions with students and parents to get a snapshot of their interactions. You can watch a video about touring elementary schools here. It was created for New York City families, but the principles are widely applicable.

Finally, Kissammee publishes its Student Handbook in English and Spanish, which is a good indication that the school is responsive to the needs of Spanish-speaking families. You can see the handbook here.

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