What was a typical Purdue University-North Central Campus student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Purdue University-North Central Campus.


Anonymous, Student, Purdue University-North Central Campus, Class of 2017

I don't believe there is a concrete answer for this. I came from a small, middle of the cornfield high school where conformity was a must. From attending Purdue University North Central it has opened my eyes to how diverse and welcoming this campus is. Just by looking around me every day on campus, I realize that there is such a range of different people with unique backgrounds up upbringings all around me. In my opinion, this campus can and should be attended by all types of people. If I had the chance to change schools, I would stay exactly where I am!

Anonymous, Student, Purdue University-North Central Campus, Class of 2015

The great thing about PNC is that not one specific "type" of student is able to come to this great campus. This campus is so diverse and welcomes anyone from 18 to 100 if they have the drive and commitment to learning. This campus gives everyone the opportunity and helps all shapes and sizes unite to be great friends in the future.

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