We are coming down to the wire in choosing a college. My son would like to go to medical school - does Lewis & Clark have what it takes to get him there?


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There are many L&C alumni who are currently working in the medical field, so the quick answer is yes. Graduates of Lewis & Clark have entered the fields of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, osteopathic medicine, medical technology, physical therapy, and nursing after postgraduate study at professional schools such as those at Oregon Health & Science University, the University of Washington, Vanderbilt University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and Wake Forest University.

Advisors at Lewis & Clark guide students in selection of appropriate courses through individual counseling, group information sessions, literature, and the Internet. Other resources available include internships and a network of Lewis & Clark alumni working in the health professions who are willing to assist students in making career decisions. There is more information on L&C's pre-med program here, including some staff contacts who may be able to answer your question in more depth.

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Every owner of Nintendo 3DS at least once - out of curiosity - went to the application "Square StreetPass Mii". There among other mini-games there is Save Mii, where the funny avatars of real people participate in the unpretentious rescue of the princess. In Miitopia this idea was crossed with the simulator of the "avatar" life of Tomodachi Life and turned into a real Japanese RPG in the spirit of Dragon Quest .

Now you can defeat the universal evil in the company of your best friend, your partner in Destiny , your wife, sister and even a dog, if you can make her Mii. The main villain can become a hated boss, a successful friend or a teacher, and random characters in local cities and palaces - members of your favorite hockey team or the same girls from your video collection 18+.

The story that happened in the country of Mythopia is unpretentious. The Dark Lord (not the one you thought of) began to kidnap people and distribute them to monsters, and the company of valorous heroes went on a campaign against him. But since we appoint all the actors ourselves - it turns out to be hilarious. If you have few friends on the console, you can create new Mii directly in the course of the action or use the proposed characters, among which are full of celebrities, real and not very much. I organized a love triangle where the brave but helpless Satoru Iwata fought the cowardly and deceitful Reggie Fils-Amy for the love of the princess of Midna, the daughter of the fat King Gaben.

The plot in the comedy, where the characters you place yourself, is the third thing, Miitopiatakes primarily by the fact that people who are familiar to us find themselves in amusing situations. And they also perform atypical roles for JRPG.

Preserving some familiar elements of the genre, over many of the usual things for Japanese "rolevok" things creators (and this is one of the inner studios of Nintendo ) have a good laugh. In addition to the standard professions such as a warrior, a mage and a thief hero can be made a cat, a pop star or a flower. True, each class will always be fighting or magical, attacking or supporting, so that the balance in battles is completely classic. But it is much more interesting when the main "tank" in the team - with soft paws and sharp claws.

Mandatory in JRPG "old school" bravado pathos dialogues have been replaced by numerous jokes in the spirit of the series "Friends." Knowledge of English is, of course, necessary, because the witticisms are very good, especially if they somehow fit in with the behavior of the real person on the basis of which Mii was created. Dialogues and sketches will gradually begin to repeat, but before this will take a good ten hours.

In the battles with monsters, our fantastic four operates in turn. Only you can control only the main character. To help the rest, they give us ... saltcellars. They make up for life or magic, resurrect the dead and give status buffs. To the credit of AI, the uncontrolled part of the team acts quite logically: it uses different abilities, has time to heal and cover up comrades. Periodically there are moments of inconsistency, for example, when the heroine eats a healing banana, instead of waiting until the priest (the healing magician) helps her, but in general, if you do not have a fad about total control over the party, there will be no problems.

We also do not usually travel around the world. Any location is a small level of five minutes, and our team goes on it independently. The player sometimes chooses where to roll, which lever to press and check whether those suspiciously rustling bushes. And at the end of each segment waiting for the hotel, where you can restore strength. The global map and the traditional "flying ship" will also be here, but not at once and completely different from what you are used to.

With all the limitations and simplifications, Miitopia resembles a mobile game: it's very convenient to approach it for a short time, after a week's break, one can not recall the combination of characteristics and equipment, the narrative looming in the background does not make it lose in its intricacies. Simultaneously, due to the microstructure, we are simply provoked for long gatherings - you promise yourself: "Here's another fork, and I'm throwing", you stumble upon an interesting "boss" or a new quest and eventually find that one hour and a half hour ran.

It can happen and vice versa. After numerous walks along similar paths with rather simple battles and repetitions of scenes will become boring. In Nintendoperfectly understood this weakness and provided, for example, a button to accelerate events, and also tried, as far as possible for the "casual" and almost impersonal RPG, to diversify the events that happen to the characters. Our Mii will be separated, kidnapped and sent to a hospital bed - clearly in order not to want to put 3DS aside.

Episodes in the hotel and do draw on a separate story - it is here that we set not only the parameters of the characters, but also their relationship. After settling in one room a couple of heroes - no, does not make a third, fans of Fire Emblem , - gets used to each other and gradually "pumps out" the level of reciprocity. And if a barely familiar partner can only slightly strengthen the attack of a friend, then old friends are able to attack together with doubled or tripled strength and take revenge on scoundrels for the killed party members.

In the hotel cafes, our Mii can taste delicious - and you need to bring your food with you, pre-assembled with monsters. The food here is more than any gourmet can imagine - from the burger of the minotaur and gorilla protein to the magic elven potions. Each delicacy improves certain parameters. In addition, the rescuers of Mythopia - terrible creepy and love far from everything. Feed the cat a hated stew snail - and the effect from it will be much weaker than from your favorite snow milk.

Finally, it is during the breaks between the battles that we buy the team new equipment. Rather, strong and independent avatars do it themselves, and you only need to distribute budgets accumulated on the battlefields and studies. True, it's not always possible to get the right thing from Mii - sometimes they come back with a bunch of already mentioned bananas. But at least bring change.

In each hotel you can play two mini-games: roulette and "Stone, scissors, paper." The first allows you to get the same healing cheeses and crippling chainsaws without any money, and the second - these same coins. Other additional entertainment will meet already on the road - they are also simple and allow you to get hold of "loot."

The journey in search of faces has turned out decent even by the standards of the genre - just to run to the happy end, without having studied each track, it will take more than 30 hours. Therefore, in many respects, the impressions will depend on your creativity and socialization. Theoretically, new heroes can be obtained even through StreetPass, that's just not even in our capital to meet the owner of the console is not easy, play friv http://www.friv5online.com/

It is clear that special frills from simple fun, and even 3DS, do not have to wait, but Miitopia is done very diligently. The textures of some objects and monsters will not yield to the sweetness of any Kirby , in battles and at levels there is a very pleasant volume effect, and the soundtrack here is such that at least publish it separately and launch it on children's matinees. And although the box with the game is marked "From 18 years", and the Russian translation is not brought, the adventure of avatars can be offered to younger brother-sisters and children - everything is clear without words.

We are used to the fact that Japanese RPGs are pretty hardcore. There you have to set up gambit, pair Pokemon, spend hours "pumping" and watch screensavers about heroic accomplishments. There is no such thing in Miitopia , and that's why it's beautiful. For those who have already managed to outplay all the serious "rolls" and want something simpler, this is an ideal option. If your tastes are not so specific, then the journey may seem monotonous and shallow. This, of course, is true, but we also need to rest from AAA projects, and best of all in a relaxed atmosphere - with a friend, Ozzy Osbourne and a short guy named Putin.

Pros:the ability to direct JRPG with himself and his friends in the lead roles; frivolous inflow and banter over genre stamps; an excellent social part; light and uncomplicated mechanics are ideal for fun on the road.

Cons: levels are similar to each other and gradually bother; The combat system is superficial and does not give complete control over the characters.

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