Asked about: Elon University

What is the communications program like at Elon?


Anonymous, School of Communications graduate

Elon has one of the strongest communications programs in the nation. When I was a student there, Anderson Cooper gave a speech at Elon and visited the School of Communications building; he remarked that our technology was better than that he saw in professional news settings. That's saying something!

Our professors come from a wide range of backgrounds, from researchers to editors to photojournalists, so every student can find a mentor in their field. There are many award-winning groups to get involved in no matter where your interests lie (print? tv news? web site design? tv entertainment?) and our alums have gone on to great careers and are always looking to help out students with internships. You just have to be willing to do the work and reach out to your fellow Phoenix.

Our class sizes are small and professors prepare us for the real world; you won't find much busy work here, but rather lots of hands-on opportunities and guidance.

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