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What's the student body like at The New School? Is there a community for students who aren't intensely left-leaning?


Ally Dommu, Alumni - The New School

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Hello! I recently graduated from Milano, one of The New School's graduate programs. The school is very progressive socially and politically (it has a very interesting political history which I recommend you read about if you're thinking about applying). I'd say as a whole, undergrad and grad, the student body reflects this., but it certainly doesn't define the whole school - and I think everyone can find community around their unique political views. Particularly for undergrad, the schools a great place for people who want an education outside the "norm", whose academic interests don't necessarily align with a specific major, and for people who want to chart their own course of study. This is really where The New School shines. It embraces students with a whole array of personal, political, and academic pursuits. So - I think to answer to your question - yes, there is a community for students who aren't intensely left leaning. You'll likely find a lot of progressive professors and students, but there's certainly a community of people who don't lean entirely to the left - they're likely to be passionate about something, maybe just not politics. Hope this is helpful!

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