I want to join a ton of New York University clubs. What are some ways I can balance out a social life and clubs?


James Miille, NYU student

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Balancing social life and clubs is very possible, even if you want to join a lot of clubs! Find as many ways as possible to kill two birds with one stone by making the clubs you join part of your social life. Clubs are usually at a set time of the week, so just treat them like another thing to block off on your schedule, and make time for your social life when you aren’t busy with clubs, classes, or any other obligations you have. Be careful not to overbook yourself, though! Even though academics and extracurriculars should be a priority, it’s still important to have a social life! If you spread yourself too thin and try to do a little of everything, you won’t be able to have very much direction, and you will only become stressed.

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