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I am new from Congo Kinshasa. I want to learn English free because I don't have money. What can I do? Who can help me ?


Toni Humanski, I am tutoring a Spanish speaking student

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I want to know what resources are available for tutors and ESL students

Alister Doyle, Noodle Advisor

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As a community with an increasingly diverse population, the Manchester School District offers a wide range of programs and initiatives. The English as a Second Language program serves more than 1,500 students who, as immigrants or refugees, are non-English proficient. The ESOL program provides English language instruction and offers students assistance with cultural assimilation.

In Manchester Schools students are placed, depending on their degree of proficiency, in self-contained classrooms where all students have limited English proficiency or in a regular classroom. Students placed in regular classrooms leave the classroom and receive English instruction from an EL specialist. Meryl Shea is responsible for English Learners at Smyth Road so if you have any questions you should email her at merylshea@mansd.orq.

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