Can my tuition be refunded before I start?


Anonymous, Anonymous

That should a cadet withdraw or be dismissed, the semester tuition and fee charges (other than matriculation and fees imposed as a penalty) will be refunded as follows:

First five class days 100%

Next five class days 75%

Next ten class days 50%

Next ten class days 25%

Please allow four (4) to six (6) weeks to process your account.

There will be no refund for the semester room charge, high school recruit at training fee, lap top rental fee or the tuition refund insurance premium after the first day of classes. Semester board and laundry charges will be prorated on a weekly basis. No refund will be made for uniform items which have been altered, laundry marked or worn. End of the year balances remaining in the student’s account will be refunded in full by June 20th provided a balance is not due for tuition and fees. Unpaid balances become due and payable at once.

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