What are the best Math AT devices to use for a student who needs visual prompts/models and larger displays, etc. due to visual perception weaknesses and both gross and fine motor weaknesses?


Jamie Martin, Assistive Technology Consultant for Students and Adults with Dyslexia

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There are a few apps for the iPad that may be helpful for this student.

First, a large button calculator on the bigger screen of an iPad Air (rather than an iPad mini) may be better than a traditional handheld calculator. Two examples are Big Easy Calculator and Calculator Big Buttons. In both, the buttons take up the entire screen, making it easier for people with visual impairments to see and tap them. Also, because of the motor weaknesses, it may be easier for the student to tap the large buttons on the iPad touch screen rather than push the small buttons on a traditional calculator.

In terms of visual prompts and models, the Kidspiration Maps app for iPad is a great way for students to use visual math manipulatives. There are several math activity templates that come with the app (e.g., visual multiplication, pattern recognition) that can be customized. Teachers and students can also create their own visuals and models, using shapes, cartoon images, photographs, and voice recordings to make them multisensory learning tools.

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