What was your experience at Birch Wathen Lenox School?


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There are a few online review sites which gather information on student experiences. These are especially helpful when it's hard to get in touch with alumni and currently enrolled students.

Here are some reviews of this school. These reviews may help paint a picture of what going to this school might be like.

"It is a wonderful school. Nurturing and supportive of each child individual needs. My son is going to be a third grader and has loved every minute he has been at school. Great parents community. Great teacher/child ratios. Excellent art and extracurricular programs. We have loved the experience."

"As a student that wound up trapped at Birch, I can clearly state my experience and observation. Birch is a school of last resort. They take the kids that can't hack it anywhere else, even if an 'official' special needs school is a better fit. The only positive feedback you will ever read, is that which is left by the parents of kids that are thankful to have spot in an UES private school that tries to give the illusion of a regular coed but, this is so far from the truth. Many of my fellow students were not interested in studying or learning at all and, the faculty just lets them slide along."

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