How do I go about enrolling here? What are the classes like?


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Richard Yoakley School is a public school. Surprisingly, enrolling in public school is not the most straightforward thing to do. Read our expert article about enrolling your child in school. The timing and process differs from district to district, not to mention state to state. The best thing to do is to confirm with the school what the district website reports. You can reach the administrative office at this phone number: (865) 594-3790

Public school districts are required to enroll students throughout the school year, but the exact school placement is up to the district to decide. This means that you may be able to enter your neighborhood school after the start of the academic year, or you may be sent to another district school for the remainder of the year. Many schools have restrictions on when you can enroll, and the main period for enrollment for students starting school in the fall is early spring.

Schools typically require a proof of age/identity, usually in the form of a birth certificate or ID card. Public schools also require proof of residence within that school district. Examples of such proof include a driver’s license, a utility bill, or a rent or mortgage statement. Public schools are required to accept students who reside in their district, regardless of the student’s immigration status. Therefore, schools cannot ask for a social security number or green card as proof of residency. While there have been instances of individual schools prohibiting children from registering, it is illegal to do so.

In addition to the documents mentioned above, children need to have records of their vaccinations and might need to be immunized against particular diseases. At certain times, schools may ask to see records from vision / dental check-ups. Again, ask the school about its requirements. Also, it will help to speed up the enrollment process if your documents are all in English.

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A lot of information about this school in particular may be found on its website at The website has this to say about the school's academic program (taken from the "School Overview" page, which can be found at

"Richard Yoakley School provides an academic program designed to meet the individual needs of students assigned to the school. Grades six through twelve are served within the program. Certified teachers present all required subjects for students. Classes have a low student to teacher ratio. Approved textbooks and supplemental materials are used. Technology is a part of every learning environment. A comprehensive regular and special education curriculum are provided. Emphasis is placed on the competency skills required for the regular high school diploma. Learning skills and study habits are emphasized within the classroom to assist in a successful return to the student’s zone schools. The School Counselor will assist in keeping up with credits and the academic transition."

Finally, the school's mission statement is stated as follows:

"The mission of Richard Yoakley School, in partnership with students, their families and the community,is to provide an educational foundation that promotes integrity, self-esteem,and life learning. This foundation will help introduce healthy, productive, and responsible citizens to society."

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