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What was your experience at this school?


Jessica Finger, Marketing Intern at Noodle, Canterbury Alum '09

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Without Canterbury, I don't know how I would have been prepared for college.

Canterbury is exceptionally structured. From day one, you learn time management skills, most high school students don't experience until college. You play a sport every season, and can participate in theater or other clubs on top of that. The class sizes are small, and the teachers are exceptionally passionate about their jobs. They are always available for extra help. When it comes to the college process, the college guidance councilors provided individual help based on the student.

As someone who experienced being a day student and a boarder at the school, I favored living on campus. Living on campus prepares you for living on your own in college. In the years since I attended, the school has added and renovated portions of the buildings updating them.

High school is an awkward time for many, but Canterbury provides students with the tools to become well rounded and succeed in college.

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