We are coming down to the wire in choosing a college. My son would like to go to medical school - does Puget Sound have what it takes to get him there?


Anonymous, Medical Student

Puget Sound will not help your son get into medical school; he must do that for himself. However, Puget Sound will help him gain experience and insight into our modern culture and global issues, challenge him to be an active member of his community and push him, both academically and socially.

If your son is willing to take full advantage of our amazing professors, great lab facilities and thriving community then I think he will do just fine when medical school application time rolls around. I do have to say that gap years are very common here so medical school acceptance rates are difficult to calculate. There are many students who come to Puget Sound as "pre-med" but choose to pursue other avenues because classwork is rigorous or they discover different passions.

If you are willing to work and build relationships then the pre-health advising staff will be accommodating here. In addition, the city of Tacoma has several hospitals and clinics that frequently take student volunteers. Summer research is also very common and accessible. To conclude, Puget Sound is great college to attend, even if your goals don't include medical school, but Puget Sound does have the ability and facilities to provide anyone with a solid pre-medical school education and experience.

Anonymous, Did some research

Apparently more than 80 percent of Puget Sound graduates who apply to medical and dental schools are accepted (nearly twice the average national acceptance rate) and in 2012, Puget Sound graduates enjoyed a 75% acceptance rate to medical school, with past medical acceptances to Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, OHSU, Stanford, Tufts, University of Washington, and more. So on the surface it certainly looks like Puget Sound has what it takes to get your son to medical school, but it's probably worth doing some more research and possibly reaching out to some Alumni Associations.

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