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What's campus life like on a campus of ~2000? Pros and cons?


Anis Zaman, Bard Alum 2013

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Compared to the population size, the campus is very big and spread out. You have the option of walking or taking the campus shuttle that loops every 20 min, unless you drive or bike.

Since it is very small, you will most likely know the faces of more than 50% of your class, which is always a great feeling. The community is very friendly, close, and easy going. The Deans, Reslife staff and professors (not always though) are always there to help you outside class as well. Most importantly, every dorm has a designated student, called PC (peer counselor), who is part of the Reslife staff and is connected to deans and his or her job is to create a friendly, constructive community and provide any support to any students anywhere (PC is different than the typical RA)

Kyle Jaster, Bard Alum '05

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Bard has a really interesting campus: very spread out, with a lot of buildings hidden between the trees. This means that unless you're really focused in one discipline (which was very few people at Bard when I was there), you spend a lot of time running around the campus and running into different people.

Pros: - teachers at Bard know most students by name, and you can have really great interactions with them - because there aren't a ton of students, people seem to seek out/interactive with students in a variety of disciplines

Cons: - it can get socially claustrophobic by the end of 4 years if you don't connect with people from different years

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