Solve using elimation. Can you please help me? X-2+2z=-7 y+z= 1 X= 2y+3z


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y + z = 1 => z=1-y. X= 2y+3z replace x and z in "X-2+2z=-7", we have: 2y+3z-2+2(1-y)= -7 2y+3(1-y)-2+2(1-y)= -7 2y+3-3y-2+2-2y= -7 -3y=-7-3+2-2 -3y=-10 y=10/3 then you can easily find out x and z javascript obfuscator online, json formatter and validator

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we have y + z = 1 => z=1-y. We have X= 2y+3z replace y and x in X-2+2z=-7 2(1-z)+3z-2+2z=-7 <=> 3z=-7 <=> z=-7/3 y=1+7/3=10/3 x=-1/3 This is what I think :D Gmail sign in

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Hi there! Here are a few additional videos that should be able to help you with your problem. helps with solving by elimination and this can help solve for X!

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