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What was a typical Alverno College student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Alverno College.


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Alverno College student should be a creative and talented person. A Catholic college suggest several college traditions. Like celebrating April Fool's Day. Besides, entertainingly enough, April Fool's Day is connected with the entire wonderful business of spring, the Vernal Equinox and the arrival of the sun and warmth. In Scotland an old name for April Fool is April-gowk or cuckoo (source - paper writers for hire archives). For reasons unknown the cuckoo is an image for ignorance. The arrival of the cuckoo and the entry of spring is associated with such an excess of tricking. In Cheshire some brief period prior the main portion of the day until the point when twelve was April Fool's chance. At that point at 12 0'clock began "legging-after some time".

Anonymous, Student, Alverno College, Class of 2014

I think this question is absolutely great to answer to give insight into the amazing Alverno campus. The question asks me to answer what people who attend Alverno were like in high school, and here is my answer: The amazing part of Alverno is that it truely invites all different woman to join. Diversity is key at Alverno, and this is coming from a girl who struggled very hard throughout my school carrier with bullying (which had many times been taken too far over me not wanting to fit in to the status quo). At Alverno we are encouraged to be different and to bring what we have to offer to the table. Alverno invites women of all sizes, colors, talents and more to join their family. I have met girls of different nationalities and religion, and many of them I call my great friends. Alverno also has so MANY different groups that bring women together to create powerful and strong women. This is something I think should very much be instilled in young women, and for Alverno to be creating generstions of women that want to work together I think is amazing. Alverno is a truley amazing place where carriers and futures are opened wide, which is why I believe any high school female would be welcomed with open arms at Alverno College.

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