Describe the type of student who should attend Century High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Century High School, Class of 2017

Each year of high school, my outlook on life changes as I grow and mature, learning from my past experiences and am greatly influenced by my different environments. I'd like to speak for most high school students when I say that the school we attend during these precious years matter a lot more than people believe and that the adults there assisting us on our journey through life help us determine the amount of hope we have for the future. Not only that, but we are exposed to many people we are forced to coexist with and have to accustom ourselves to new types of personalities, beliefs, and cultures. For most people this is the first time they realize that there is more to the world than just what they are used to in their small circle of people they are used to.Fortunately, my school has made it an easy transition for kids, not with the help of any adults but from the pure kindness of the people that make the student body to connect with each other in order to prevent the typical cliques that are formed to exclude and segregate. Although, there are the natural upperclassmen and underclassman rivalries, the student body is fused and not divided by grade. This allows each person to feel free from judgment when they come to school knowing that it's friendly place where we all are trying to fight for the same thing which is to beat the game and graduate. So what type of student should attend Century High School? Well, the answer is any type of person. Any person who is wild enough and courageous enough to submerge themselves into a community that does less to destroy one another and more to unite to bring the student body together and prove that we are a superior school and won’t succumb to the stereotypes we are told about. There is a place for everybody and that's what I love the most because high school is typically something people fear growing up, and to find out it can be an enjoyable experience is relieving. This teaches me that the world contains something for each individual and that people naturally crave the want to belong and can make it work in a respectable way considering that it was achieved at a high school. Finally, I'd proudly like to state that I attend this mighty High school that welcomes any person who fights for equality amongst their peers and accepts every background because we all have something in common, we're not ordinary, and we aren't classified as a type.

Anonymous, Student, Century High School, Class of 2016

Century High School is open to all people of all interests and backgrounds. It has one of the friendliest student bodies and promotes highly academic students.

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