How strong are the academics at Concordia?


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There are some reviews of this school online--they may shed some light on the strength of its academics. Here are some reviews of the school from

"Concordia Lutheran School and Child Care Center have been such a blessing to my family. My husband and I are very pleased with the education our children have received here. It is amazing to me that many of the teachers at the child care center have been there for so many years that on several occasions, both of our children had the same teachers. The staff was loving, helpful, top notch, and wanted the best for the children. They helped me realize that play is an important part of learning at a young age and that social growth is very important at an early age as well. Add that to a learning curriculum, and my children have flourished as they continued into the school. At the school, we found the same type of atmosphere. The teachers are professional, driven, encouraging, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile for the sake of the children and their learning. I will be sad when our children leave Concordia and move into high school, but I know they will be well prepared for learning and for life as a Christian."

"Concordia's Child Care Center is lacking in qualified staff and leadership. Not all of the child care staff is bad. My child was in one of the pre-k rooms and it was a completely chaotic, negative and dysfunctional environment. I went to the director and the directors supervisor and was basically shunned because of it. When putting your child in the hands of someone else you should be able to trust that they are not only cared for and loved but treated with respect. That is not the case for one teacher imparticular at the child care center and certainly not from the director. It is a lazy environment and I got to see that first hand each day when I dropped my child off and picked my child up. Prior to being in the classroom my child had a wonderful experience but I could no longer stand by and watch my child's spirit be broken by this horrible environment. My child is now in an amazing school with a positive, educational, loving environment. The teachers at this school actually take pride in their work and enjoy watching children learn and grow. I cannot say the same for the pre-k rooms in the child care center at Concordia."

"Our daughter (8y/o, 3rd grade) came to Concordia this year after her other Lutheran school closed. She was very unhappy about the previous school closing. When she saw her new school, Concordia, and met the faculty, toured the grounds, etc. she was thrilled!! The campus and facilities there are absolutely beautiful and state of the art. Smart boards in the classrooms (don't feel bad, I didn't know what they were either - Google them) the rooms, hallways and bathrooms are spotless, acres of sports fields, etc. The classes are not for slackers. Our daughter has had homework from day one with no end in sight. It does challenge the students but she is rising to the challenge and doing very well. She is involved in sports and developing all kinds of new interests, academic and otherwise. We began attending church there last January as a family and couldn't be happier with the pastor and the services. It is an open, friendly community that fully supports the school and the church continues to grow. This has been and continues to be a great and valuable experience for the whole family. We love it here!!"

Yelp also offers some reviews of the affiliated church.

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