My interest is in the schools atmosphere. Are the students respectful of authority or is there a lack of self control or respect among the students ?


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The leadership and teachers at Tapestry Charter School are thoughtful and deliberate about creating a safe, focused environment to foster achievement in their students. In a 2011-2012 School Evaluation Report published by the SUNY Charter Schools Initiative, the school was described as having as "safe and orderly environment," with its lower school setting "high expectations for student conduct" and its high school teachers described as spending "a significant amount of time working with students to implement daily routines and to establish a culture in which learning is valued." You can read the full report here, with the relevant sections beginning on page 10. In addition, you can read Tapestry's 2013-2013 Progress Report here.

School leaders often welcome questions from prospective families, so you may want to reach out to them at one of these numbers: Tapestry Contact.

Finally, The Buffalo News ran an extensive article about the school in October, 2014, which you can read here.

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