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Winning the audience's attention with the release of the next shooter now is very difficult. For "chamber" shootings, there is Call of Duty and soon there will be Destiny 2 , for team games, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege are perfect , fans of something on a larger scale spend time in Battlefield 1 and are preparing to break into Star Wars: Battlefront II . Against the backdrop of these titans LawBreakers seems like a black sheep and no one needs a game. But it is worth spending at least a few hours in it, as the opinion completely changes.

At first glance, LawBreakers is seen as an almost exact copy of Overwatch . Eighteen unique characters, divided into nine classes. Five modes, each of which assumes the joint performance of the task, and not a banal shooting of enemies. Recovering for a few seconds, abilities and accumulating "ultra". However, after the first match with the comparison with the shooter, Blizzard seems ridiculous - the gameplay is much faster, more vigorous and does not even remind you of Quake or Unreal Tournament .

There is no situation where, because of one bad person, the whole team is falling apart, and there is no clear division into doctors, tanks and attackers. Five players choose a class at the beginning of the match, warm up and go into battle on symmetrical cards. As such, there is no training in the game, so you have to literally understand everything on the fly. But it's not so difficult - each character has two basic skills. The first (activated on L1) is associated with the movement - someone is tackling, someone gets the opportunity to fly or run very fast. The second (R1) gives an advantage in combat - either a shield can be delivered, or someone can be cured. There is also an "ulta" that accumulates for a long time, but the process can be speeded up with killings and support.

The weapons are also different, due to what the gameplay for each individual character is different. But there are not too strong and frankly weak characters here - everyone can break into the battle and fight "smart" with all his strength. Even the combat physician, whom I quietly began to "main" for myself, is able to stand up for himself and perform as well as others. Treatment of allies is a single button, by pressing which the drone flies to the selected player. And on this all treatment ends - you can run after the enemies and throw them with shells from your grenade launcher until you notice the next wounded friend.

But if the team comes across people who are only chasing the killings and completely ignoring the main task, playing becomes a little more difficult. More than once I met users who did not try to at least stand on the point for its capture, or did not try to break through the defense of enemies to steal a charge from their base. Their behavior can be explained not by the most convenient interface, because of which beginners may not understand the essence of the regime, but in fact they are probably just not interested in it. Team battles to death in LawBreakers do not, and mindlessly shoot they want - have to spend with them for several minutes and hope for the best.

But when the team plays for the sake of victory and tries to defend the points, attack from different flanks and use abilities in time, matches can be insanely fascinating and spectacular. Having got into the Uplink mode on the map, where a practically straight path continued between the two bases, I once again took a medic for "spam" shells and constant suppression of opponents at the expense of treatment of comrades. It worked perfectly - we gradually moved to a foreign base, I threw drones from one player to another, trying not to let any of them die, but in parallel fired a grenade launcher in the hope of hitting someone and simplifying the task for the team members. As a result, we brought the object to ourselves, waited for a full charge, but this is the case in LawBreakersnot limited - you need to defend for another twenty seconds, before you count a point. Enemies jumped on the charge, but my "ulta" saved the situation in time - it is a large sphere within which allies are treated and can not be injured.

And such episodes, about which then more than once you remember and for the sake of which you want to play longer, is complete. And very often you yourself become the director of epic moments. Each match is not like the previous one - all thanks to the spacious cards and moving characters, each of which is useful. And the ability at any time to switch from medics to titanium, from titanium to assassin, and from him to "enforcer" allows you to easily turn the situation for the better if the team lacks a more aggressive player or defender holding defense.

The design of the cards also makes the matches more effective and tense due to the fact that in some areas low gravity is included. Heroes jump high and hover in different corners, shells fly past the player from all sides, related to the movement of ability become even more useful and dangerous. Stiff-necked at first glance, the titanium is mobile, since its "rocket jumps" allow you to get to the victim much quicker to hit it on the ground and shoot it from the rocket launcher. A assassin in skillful hands - a serious threat, because with the help of his hook, you can almost non-stop fly from side to side.

To learn the skills of all the characters and become more experienced is a great pleasure, and no one interferes with it - no one directly in LawBreakers is directly a "counter". And therefore, regardless of the chosen character, you can succeed, if you do your work and use the ability to the destination. And slowly you begin to learn the subtleties, which in the game itself is almost never mentioned. In the skin of Vanguard, for example, to spend fuel in a jet pack is desirable in small portions - if you immediately empty the supplies, you will have to wait a few seconds for regeneration. And when firing a weapon that Gunslinger holds in his right hand, you can hold R2 - so the cartridge will charge and cause more damage.

Although all represented by the heroes are very fun to play, their design is only perplexing. It seems that the developers have tried to make them completely different in appearance: there are men and women, and white, and Negroes, and Asians. But at the same time everything looks so identical and boring that it is often difficult to say to which class they belong. Over time, for sure you will get used to it, but if you compare it with other games of the same genre, the problem immediately catches your eye. So to hope that artists on DeviantArt will day and night draw LawBreakers characters (as it still happens with Overwatch ), it's not necessary. Well at least, the shapes that fall out of the containers can make the appearance of the characters more interesting.

But the modes developers have tried to make a variety, although they all assume capture, defense or defense of the object. The most original is Blitzball, where the team must raise the ball in the center of the map and bring it to the opponents. It is worth hesitating, as time on the timer ends, and then the carrier of the ball explodes. Overcharge and Uplink are about the same and boil down to charging the battery at their base, but in the case of the first mode, the stolen device keeps the charge, and does not reset. Because of this victory can be achieved in two ways: either immediately pick up the object and guard it as the apple of the eye, or allow opponents to reach full charge, and then steal the battery and earn a point much faster.

Similar to each other and Occupy with Turf War. In Occupy on the map in a random place there is a big point, standing on which players get points for the team. Turf War can be considered the most dreary and silly mode - there are three points in it, and they are blocked after they are captured, and then they are constantly neutral, and all the same things have to be repeated again and again. One point is located near the base of our team, the other is next to a stranger, and the third is in the center. Obviously, the first two are usually immediately captured by the "blue" and "red", returning from the "respa", and the real fight goes basically only for the last point. Therefore, all immediately run to the center, and the screen is a terrible chaos.

But Turf War does not come across too often: the only available playlist is "Quick Game", where time and again different modes fall on different cards. But other shortcomings become noticeable during all matches. As I wrote above, beginners can be difficult to figure out: there are many heroes, all different, eyes run up. Instead of training, developers are invited to go to them on the YouTube channel and watch clips about all the characters. Also, there are problems with the selection of players. Firstly, SBMM works here - if you win too often, sooner or later you will be thrown into teams with users of the first or second level to equalize the balance. Secondly, as in any team game, losing an ally does not lead to anything good, and the replacement for it is very long play friv http://www.friv2online.com/

And although these shortcomings are likely to be fixed soon, setting LawBreakers as the highest rating would still be wrong. At least because of the dreary design of the characters, not the most original visual style and some other shortcomings. At the same time, this is an excellent shooter, which brings great pleasure due to the fact that it successfully mixes the gameplay of the "old school" and elements of popular modern video games. And it will be very unfortunate if he quickly disappears from the radar and will not be able to achieve popularity. Hopefully, the game is lucky just like Rainbow Six Siege , and the fate of Battleborn does not wait for it.

Pros:cheerful shooting; Characters are felt differently due to unique skills; zones with low gravity make skirmishes more spectacular; an excellent mixture of "old school" gameplay and elements of modern shooters.

Cons: boring design characters, and sometimes the environment; replacement of the retired team members is very slow; complete lack of sensible instruction.

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Due to the increasing popularity of RIT, enrollment has increased to accommodate the school’s high demand. RIT provides a variety of on-campus housing options to around 7,000 students, both under and upper-classmen. Though arrangements may vary from year to year, all RIT housing options are fully furnished and equipped with wifi.

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