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James Madison Preparatory School is a coeducational public charter school for students in grades 7 through 12.

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At James Madison Prep School of Tempe, Arizona, we stress America’s great academic traditions and disciplines in a small 7th through 12th grade setting. Our mission is to challenge committed students with a robust, traditional education emphasizing America’s history and system of government. This tuition free school combines a classical course of study with real world knowledge and skills. We promote America’s virtues – self-reliance, honesty, integrity, courage, respectfulness, strong work ethic, and responsibility. We offer an education that promotes history as the great teacher of life. We foster and reward character attributes in our students. We provide an environment where students are free to learn, encouraged to think, and expected to excel.

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Our curriculum exceeds state standards. We blend interesting, traditional course work with real world training. Most of our courses are in those good solid subjects that students of previous generations used to study. We believe that the trendy courses that have crept into mainstream public school curricula in recent decades have in large measure been detrimental to meaningful student achievement. Those courses have been designed more for “fun” and “self-esteem building” than for serious education. A solid foundation in traditional, core subjects must be built before moving on to light and experimental courses. A person can’t survive on desserts and sweets alone. One needs hearty helpings of meat and potatoes in order to grow strong.

We offer English Grammar, Civics, American History (one year in junior high and two full years in high school), World History, Geography, Algebra, Geometry, Astronomy, Economics, Biology, Latin, Chemistry, Calculus, Geology, Western Philosophy, Physics, Physical Education, Political Science, Fine Arts, Composition, and Literature. Also included in our curriculum are a few courses designed to provide students with real world, practical life skills. Balancing a checkbook, living within a budget, paying taxes, shopping for insurance, cooking a meal, changing a car tire, and sewing on a button are among the many varied skills that students are exposed to in our “Self-reliance” classes.

We do not offer our courses as if they are part of a curricular smorgasbord. Most of our courses are required, i.e., every student must take them. This way students and parents know exactly what to expect, and they can be confident of what will have been studied by the time of graduation.

Our focus on America’s history and government derives from the essentiality of citizens in a free society to learn and understand these things. Knowing history is the mark of an educated person. The typical high school graduate’s shocking lack of historical knowledge cannot be tolerated if we are to endure as a free nation.

Mission Statement

We will challenge committed students with a robust, traditional education emphasizing America's history and system of government. The school combines a classical course of study with real world knowledge and skills. Preparing to embrace their future as citizens and leaders, these young stewards of our national heritage will discover freedom's promise and the necessity of sound character. We will work to promote America's virtues: Self-reliance, Honesty, Integrity, Courage, Respectfulness, Strong Work Ethic, and Responsibility.


Dress Code Information

Schools with an enforced dress code tend to be places that are more serious about learning, with students more focused on their schoolwork. The tone at these schools is more businesslike than at schools where students wear whatever they want. This atmosphere promotes better discipline and attendance, which lead to higher achievement. The Madison Prep Dress Code is designed with modesty, simplicity, safety, efficiency, and comfort in mind. The Dress Code applies to students on campus before, during, and after school. The whole issue of fashion competition among peers is immediately diffused when a school dress code is put in place. There will be no contests over who can wear the shirt with the rudest slogan on it. This sort of thing is distracting to students, and it takes needed attention away from the day's lessons. Slovenliness will simply not be accepted, because sloppy dress leads to sloppy work habits and sloppy thinking. And to those who say that a uniform robs students of their individuality, we say that it challenges students to express themselves in other, more meaningful ways.

Tuition Information

What is a charter school? A charter school is a publicly funded, privately run school that is sanctioned (or chartered) by the State of Arizona. Charter schools must follow certain basic state regulations, but they are free to make independent decisions about schedules, calendars, curriculum, and much more. Essentially, a charter school is its own school district. What does it cost to go to James Madison Preparatory School? There is no tuition. Charter schools are taxpayer funded. Is JMPS a non-profit institution? James Madison Preparatory School is a 501(C)3, non-profit corporation.



Public charter schools are supported through lower levels of direct, public funding, as well as though private subsidies. As with district public schools, they do not charge tuition to students who attend them.


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19% of students graduate from James Madison Preparatory School

Academic Calendar: Trimester

Adequate Yearly Progress

AYP was Met Overall for the year 2012.

AYP for Graduation was Met for the year 2012.

AYP for Attendance was Met for the year 2012.

AYP is a measurement defined by the United States federal No Child Left Behind Act that allows the U.S. Department of Education to determine how every public school and school district in the country is performing academically according to results on standardized tests.


James Madison Preparatory School received a Bronze award from US News in 2013.

  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Biology

Students and Faculty

Students and Faculty

Enrollment Data

Total Enrollment 184
Enrollment By Grade
Grade Number of Students
7 29
8 30
9 39
10 35
11 28
12 23

James Madison Preparatory School's relatively variable enrollment profile may offer insights into student retention rates, local population changes, real estate costs, and the accessibility of alternative educational options. to find out more about the specific factors influencing James Madison Preparatory School's enrollment numbers.

Student Teacher Ratio 12 : 1
Gender 54% Male / 46% Female
Dress Code Uniform
Athletic Director   Mr. William Graffis
Fine Arts Director   Mrs. Amy Schilling
Director of School Administration   Mr. Paul Grant
Director of Curriculum & Instruction   Mr. Stephen Batchelder
Director of Family and Community Relations   Mr. David Batchelder


If traditional academics and the Code of Conduct represent the first two main pillars of JMPS, the wide variety of extracurricular opportunities open to the students at Madison Prep would be the third pillar. In addition to athletics, James Madison Preparatory School offers an assortment of extracurricular fine arts opportunities in the areas of music and drama. At Madison Prep students can be involved in choir, select choir, drum line, strings, and jazz band. In drama, high school students can be in the fall play and the spring musical. Junior high students can also be in the spring musical, and every year the eighth graders put on a musical of their own near the end of the school year. The James Madison Preparatory School Athletic Department offers students a wide variety of athletics. Students may participate in 8-man tackle football, girls volleyball, coed cross country, Ultimate Frisbee, boys basketball, girls basketball, cheer, coed soccer, boys baseball, girls softball, and coed track and field. Unlike larger schools that offer similar sports, we encourage our students to participate in more than one sport. While this may initially seem overwhelming, our coaching staff cooperates so that the students’ time commitment is not much greater than if they participate in a single sport. Our philosophy of athletics is heavily tied into our Code of Conduct; we expect our athletes to exhibit courage, honesty, integrity, respectfulness, responsibility, self reliance, and strong work ethic on the practice field, in competition, and with their fellow athletes. Our hope is that the students will learn the fundamentals of the sport and have fun while playing. We believe in sportsmanship at all costs. While we compete against schools that are multiple times larger than our school, we believe that it is better to lose with integrity than win with dishonor.
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Choir
  • Drama/Theater
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Student Government
  • Track and Field
  • Ultimate Frisbee
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