In Plato's mind, art is the imitation of nature, but in today's world of education, "the arts" are used as a broad term to refer to a wide range of subjects and approaches to learning. Consider the variety of performing and visual arts, which include chorus, theater, opera, sculpture, painting, and many other disciplines. Read articles and ask questions about the arts here.

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  • What the Design Process Can Teach Kids

    Design isn’t part of traditional curricula, and that’s a shame, because kids can learn so much from the process — from planning and problem-solving to cooperating and public speaking.

  • Elsa Schiaparelli’s Surrealism

    How did famous fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli find her inspiration? Find out how the surrealist movement lent ideas to haute couture that would change our conception of daily wear forever.

  • Taking the Leap: Teaching Math Through Dance

    A.K. Whitney reports on several programs that offer a new option to help kids combat their math anxiety by teaching the subject through dance.

  • 7 Things Students Can Learn from Acting Classes

    Not every school offers students the opportunity to take an acting class, but those that do are helping their students learn skills that will help them well beyond school plays. Check out an acting teacher’s take on the benefits you stand to reap from taking the stage.

  • Lights, Camera, Action: How to Start Making Your Own Movies

    Film allows people of all ages to get their thoughts and feelings on the big screen. For budding moviemakers, here are some tips to get started.

  • Supporting the Arts in Your Child's School

    Arts education teaches children important academic and non-cognitive lessons. Learn how to start an arts program at your child’s school, or save one that is endangered.

  • Frida Kahlo's Newly Discovered Love Letters

    My Bartoli…I don’t know how to write love letters. But I wanted to tell you that my whole being opened for you. Since I fell in love with you everything is transformed and is full of beauty…. love ...

  • The London Jungle Book

    The London Jungle Book by award-winning Indian artist Bhajju Shyam is an absolute masterpiece – an Alice in Wonderland for the modern world and an invitation to look at the mundane details of our daily lives with new eyes of wonder ...

  • Music Education in Public Schools: Various Programs and Benefits

    Music education has as many as forms as musical notes. Learn what standards you should expect from public schools, so you don't lose out on music's benefits.

  • Path to the Pros: Education Options for Elite Artists and Athletes

    Students who want to become professional artists or athletes might have a different-looking educational path than those of a traditional student. Learn how these students typically pursue their goals.

  • Five Ways to Make the Arts Part of Your Child’s Everyday Life

    The time your child spends on the arts is time when her imagination gets to soar. Use these five tips to get your child artistically involved every day.

  • What is Project-Based Learning?

    If you’ve been in a school lately, you may have heard the term “project-based learning.” Learn from Noodle expert Janny Gédéon what the term means and how this educational approach can benefit your child.

  • Educational Snow Day Activities for Kids

    When snow causes repeated school closings, many parents worry about the effect on their children’s learning. Learn about activities you can do at home that will keep their education moving forward.

  • Should Your Child Go to an Arts High School?

    Arts high schools provide students with the opportunity to explore their passions while getting a traditional education. Read on to learn about structures and outcomes of these schools.

  • The Proven Benefits of an Arts Education

    Multiple studies have shown that an arts-rich curriculum can teach kids essential life lessons. Read about how your children grow when they learn in and through the arts.