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  • Coding Should Not Replace Foreign Language Requirements [Opinion]

    In late 2013, Texas passed legislation allowing high school students to replace foreign language graduation requirements with computer science credits.

    In the two years since, several states have proposed similar legislation, including Florida, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Washington, and Kentucky. Although ...

  • Why Kids Should Learn Code

    The language that the next generation will need to become fluent in does not belong to a country — it belongs to computers. Read on to find out about why and how your kids can learn to code.

  • Which Language Should an Aspiring Web Developer Use?

    Is it possible to choose a single best programming language for young web developers? We think have the answer, and you might find it surprising.

  • A Brief Description of the 10 Most Popular Programming Languages

    What are the 10 most popular programming languages, and what are their benefits and downsides? Learn about them here.

  • Geek Bootcamp 101

    If you want to learn to code software. Bootcamp may be the answer for you. Bootcamp is an intensive and rigorous classroom environment where you effectively eat, sleep and drink software development non-stop for about 12 to 24 weeks, depending on the course.