Deciding to Study Abroad


Study abroad is a short-term education experience wherein a student travels to a different country to pursue a field of study for academic credit. Study abroad usually encompasses course work as well as cultural and social immersion, sometimes including foreign language study. Deciding to study abroad is an exciting situation with some key questions, namely, where to study abroad, dealing with homesickness or unfamiliar cultures, how long to study abroad, whether to choose a study abroad program or to apply as an individual, when to study abroad (during the academic year, or the summer, for example), how academic credit will be awarded, and many more questions handled in this topic.

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  • Study Abroad Summit Promotes International Education

    The first annual Institute of International Education Summit on Generation Study Abroad brings together more than 600 partners with the goal of doubling the number of students who study abroad by 2020. Noodle Expert Jessie Voigts reports on what to expect from the convening of education leaders, business representatives, politicians, and journalists to discuss the future of international education.

  • Can STEM Students Study Abroad? Yes!

    If you’re studying (or planning to study) science, technology, engineering, or math at college, you may not think you’ll have an opportunity to study abroad. Think again! Noodle Expert Jessie Voigts discusses international options available to STEM students.

  • Steps to Prepare for Study Abroad if You Cope with Depression

    Depression should not prevent you from taking advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. Learn how to prepare yourself and cope with the difficulties of living overseas.

  • Why Field-Based Learning May Be Best for Your Studies Abroad

    Thinking of spending a semester overseas? Field-based programs provide great opportunities for students to immerse themselves in their study-abroad experiences.

  • Study Abroad Programs for Graduate Students

    You may not have considered studying abroad as a graduate student, but there are opportunities in many fields. Whether you’re an aspiring doctor, lawyer, businessperson, or scholar, there are exciting (and perhaps unexpected) education options abroad.

  • Choosing the Right High School Study Abroad Program

    You don’t have to be in college to experience education in another country. There are study abroad opportunities for high school students, too.

  • Crowdfunding: A Creative Way to Pay for Study Abroad

    When you account for travel, housing, tuition, and insurance expenses, study abroad is costly. Crowdfunding lets you harness the power of social media to help you pay for an international educational experience.

  • Study Abroad 101: Practical Tips (Part Two)

    Studying in another country means figuring out plane tickets, visas, housing, and more. International education expert Mark Shay answers all of your essential study abroad questions.

  • Study Abroad 101: The Ultimate FAQ (Part One)

    If you are considering studying abroad, you probably have a lot of questions about what program is right for you. International education expert Mark Shay talks about program safety, location, and length.

  • An Expert Study Abroad Plan (Part Two: Shopping)

    Should you study abroad? Mark Shay from Abroad 101 lays out the steps you need to figure out whether going overseas is right for you. Part two covers the different types of programs.

  • An Expert Study Abroad Plan (Part One: Getting Started)

    Should you study abroad? Mark Shay from Abroad 101 lays out the steps you need to figure out whether going overseas is right for you.

  • The Best Places to Study Abroad Aren't Where You Think

    Don't study abroad to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa; do it to challenge yourself, set new goals, and discover eccentric places.

  • A Guide to Picking the Right Study Abroad Program

    Which study abroad program is right for you? Here's a comprehensive guide to finding which one is best for you. Read on for the three most important things to consider.

  • Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

    Studying abroad can be expensive, scary, challenging and exhausting. But like croissants on the bakery shelves of Paris or the steaming dumplings in Shanghai, youll be glad you tried it. Here are ten reasons to Keep Calm and Book Your Plane Ticket.

  • How to Study Abroad for Less

    Studying abroad can be an awesome experience. You get to immerse yourself in a different culture to learn things you'd probably never be able to without leaving the U.S.