English as a second language programs found in elementary, middle school, and high school for kids who typically come from households in which English is not usually spoken in the home. These kids have a primary language that’s not English. They are academically proficient, but need a little help learning and speaking in English.

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  • Should You Consider a Bilingual Education for Your Family?

    More and more families today are considering bilingual education for their children. Learn from a Noodle Expert what these classrooms have to offer and how to decide if one is the right fit for your child.

  • What Does It Mean to Be Bilingual?

    Bilingual students are often criticized for failing to achieve equal levels of proficiency in the languages they use. In the first article of this series, learn from Noodle Expert Ryan Pontier about the complexity of linguistic practices among bilinguals.

  • Eight Questions ESL Providers Should Ask Themselves

    Many types of programs are used to instruct English as a Second Language. Find the best ESL program for your school by considering how you incorporate technology and engage your students.

  • Your All-in-One Guide to ESL Summer Camps

    An ESL summer camp is the best way to have your child practice English and engage with kids her age. Thankfully, you have a lot of options to make this an enriching summer for your child.