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Questions, answers and articles about the German language everything from pronunciation rules, grammar, vocabulary to reading and speaking German.

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  • 3 Language Immersion Strategies You Can Use at Home

    While it’s the most effective way to learn a new language, spending an extended period of time in a foreign country just isn’t possible for most people. Here are a few strategies for honing language skills without booking a transoceanic flight.

  • 6 Research-Backed Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

    Conventional wisdom says that learning a foreign language can help you in a number of ways. Check out some more obscure scientifically-supported gains with Noodle Expert Mickey Gast.

  • Learn Spanish (Or Any Language) Outside the Classroom

    Learning a language is hard work, but it doesn’t always have to happen in a formal setting. Learn from Noodle Expert Jon Golbe how you can integrate foreign-language learning into your everyday life.

  • 7 Dorms That Help You Learn a Language

    Do you want to immerse yourself in your language of choice without having to travel halfway across the world? There are plenty of universities that offer students on-campus Living-Learning Communities that allow students to cohabititate with native speakers of the language they study. Take a trip across the globe, just by taking a trip across campus!