Going Back to College

Going back to college after summer break can be disorienting. Packing early and getting organized make the transition back to school much simpler. Get more advice and answers to your questions about going back to college.

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  • Obama Wants to Boost Pell Grants, But Would This Make a Difference?

    President Obama has called for a $2 billion increase in Pell Grant funding, but it’s unclear whether this would make college much more affordable for students.

  • How to Get Back in the School "Zone"

    Got the back-to-school blues? We've two tips to help you get back into a school "zone," no matter how much you love school.

  • What Are MOOCs and Why Do People Like Them So Much?

    We answer the most frequently asked questions about MOOCs, including why they're so popular, and how they make learning really fun.

  • How to Prepare for Your Sophomore Year of College

    So you made it through your freshmen year of college and you're enjoying your first college summer. But now that you'll be returning to campus for your sophomore year, what have you learned? What might you do differently now that you have one year under your belt? Here are some suggestions for assessing your first-year so that you can try new things and make the most of your sophomore year.

  • Planning Ahead for the Trip Back to Campus

    Going back to college often means moving to a new dorm. If you prepare in advance, you can turn this space into a home.

  • An Inside Look at eTextbooks

    With several textbook publishers on board, Noodle wonders how digital materials and interactive textbooks may affect teaching and learning.

  • The Cheapest Textbooks in the Land?

    If you're in the sciences, technology, or law school, you're really shelling out some serious cash at the campus bookstore, and let's face it: the library is pretty worthless when the entire class is trying to get their hands on the exact same book. Get a line on some cheap books from Noodle's experts!