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Graduate school programs are specialized and tightly focused programs that examine a narrow field of study within a department. They can offer different types of degrees, including Master's Degrees or even PhD's. Oftentimes they are a direct way to obtain a career in the chosen field of study. This topic provides articles, advice, and answers to your questions on choosing the right degree, finding a job, and how to pursue a career after graduate school.

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  • The Downfall of Law School? What Current Enrollment Trends Mean

    Both applications and attendance are down at law schools across the country. What are the implications for students interested in the law? Here’s Noodle Expert Keith Scheuer’s take on the future of the profession.

  • Law School: It Isn’t Just for Aspiring Lawyers

    Every year after passing the bar, thousands of law school grads enter politics, finance, consulting, education, and criminal justice. Here to walk you through the data is attorney and Noodle Expert Keith Scheuer.

  • How to Switch Careers from Liberal Arts to Science in 14 Steps

    Changing fields can be difficult, especially if you’ve already invested a lot of time, money, and energy in your liberal arts career. Learn some useful tips for transitioning from a humanities-based education to the sciences from Noodle Expert and writer-turned-nutritionist Kendra Whitmire.

  • Understanding the Uniform CPA Exam

    To advance to the highest levels of the accounting profession, you’ll need to pass the Uniform CPA Exam. Read on to learn about how the exam is structured and which types of questions you’ll encounter.

  • 3 Little-Known Tips to Prepare for and Ace the NAPLEX

    Read these essential and unexpected tips to ace the NAPLEX, the last hurdle to clear before you become a pharmacist.

  • A Compendium of Top NAPLEX Preparation Resources

    After getting through a pharmacy graduate program, students must clear one final hurdle: the NAPLEX. Learn from Noodle Expert Don Osborne about the best study resources to help you prepare for this challenging exam.

  • What Is the NAPLEX?

    Prospective pharmacists spend four or more years seeking their doctoral degree, and undoubtedly wish that completion of their program would mark the start of their career. But these students have one additional hurdle — passing the licensing exam known as the NAPLEX.

  • Setting SMART Goals in 2015 for Your Education

    If you’re thinking about heading in a new direction in 2015, learn how the “SMART” approach can move you forward on your education pathway.

  • How Many People Actually Finish Grad School?

    Getting a PhD or master's will change your life in many ways. Find out how long you can expect to stay in a program, and what you can do afterwards.

  • Important Questions to Ask About Master's Degrees

    "What goal do I think this program will help me achieve?" Answer this question before you go further in searching for a Master’s degree. Why? Because knowing your goal will determine the questions you need to ask.

  • Grad School Math: Which Degrees Are Worth the Debt?

    Grad school is a chance to pursue what you love learning, but when the biggest dream is finding a job, it pays to choose a degree that the market will reward.