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Articles, questions and answers about law school rankings. Publications rank and order law schools based on certain qualifications. Learn about and understand how these rankings work here.

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  • In an Era of Declining Law School Aspirations, Does ABA Accreditation Matter?

    The vast majority of law schools in the country are approved by the American Bar Association, which ensures standardization and quality. But schools without ABA approval may be a good option for some students — as long as they’re aware of the risks.

  • Don’t Let a Magazine Choose Where You Go to Law School

    Though it may provide some useful information, U.S. News & World Report rankings should not be your only law school search tool. Learn from Noodle Expert Anne Richard how to research and make these important decisions for yourself.

  • The State of Law School 2014

    On the heels of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) release of its employment numbers for the class of 2013, Noodle has launched an innovative, easy-to-use new tool to help prospective students find the right law school.