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  • Want to Make an Impact? Become a Nurse Blogger

    Beyond being health care providers, nurses are also communicators. Learn the role of blogging in the nursing field and why this medium is such an important tool.

  • Your Nursing Career Begins With Your First Class

    If you thought entering a nursing program was just another step in your education, learn from a Noodle Expert how to use it to launch your future career.

  • Study Tips to Help You Succeed in Nursing School

    Becoming a nurse takes lots of time and dedication. Follow these techniques recommend by a successful RN how to make your studying more effective and efficient.

  • 10 Expert Tips for Surviving Nursing School

    Nursing school is tough. Read these 10 tips from a Noodle Expert to know what it takes to get through — and on to a fulfilling career!

  • How to Succeed in Nursing School

    Nursing school is a challenging undertaking, but understanding what you’re likely to encounter will help you prepare for the adventure ahead. Hear advice from Noodle Expert Joan Spitrey based on her own experiences as a student and nurse educator.

  • What I Wish I’d Known Before Beginning Nursing School

    If you’ve ever thought about a nursing career, there are aspects of this educational path that you may not have considered. Hear from Noodle Expert Joan Spitrey about the tips she wishes she’d gotten before enrolling in nursing school.

  • Finding Your Nursing School Mentor

    Undergraduate nursing programs can be rewarding and demanding. Learn how building a relationship with a mentor can reduce your stress and help you advance your career.

  • What Type of Nurse Do You Want to Be?

    Choosing the right school is a huge part of becoming a nurse but first you have to decide what kind of nurse you really, truly want to be. Here are tips to help you solve both.