Paying for Graduate School


Articles, answers and advice on paying for graduate school including tips on applying for federal aid, how your grades impact the cost of school, income driven assistance, scholarships, and grants.

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  • Want to Teach English Abroad? Pack a CELTA.

    Teaching English to students in another country is an amazing and enriching career opportunity, but it’s not without its obstacles, one of which may be a proper credential. Learn everything you need to know about the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, also known as the CELTA.

  • The Downfall of Law School? What Current Enrollment Trends Mean

    Both applications and attendance are down at law schools across the country. What are the implications for students interested in the law? Here’s Noodle Expert Keith Scheuer’s take on the future of the profession.

  • Student Loan Repayment Options: Which One is Right for You?

    While the prospect of college is incredibly exciting, the prospect of carrying the burden of tens of thousands of dollars in loans is less so. Here are some tips to help you make a decision about which student loan repayment method is right for you.

  • 10 Ways to Save Money for Grad School

    Graduate school can open up new academic and career opportunities — but it can also be an expensive endeavor, from opportunity costs to tuition costs. Read these tips from a Noodle Expert about how to save money as a graduate student.

  • Fixed or Variable Rate Student Loan? Make the Smart Choice

    If you are getting a student loan, you may have to decide between a fixed rate or a variable rate. Find out what's the difference and how to choose wisely.

  • The Truth Behind Student Loan Horror Stories

    Worried about paying off your student loans after hearing all those horror stories? Noodle expert Rachel Fishman puts your mind at ease with the statistics about how and why this crisis has occurred.

  • Paying for Graduate School: What Are Your Financial Aid Options?

    Read on to understand the different kinds of loans, federal aid, school aid, and tax breaks you can expect when researching financial aid for graduate school.

  • 11 Ways You Can Find Free Money for Grad School

    11 tips to help you find scholarships, grants, awards, and opportunities to finance your graduate school education.

  • How Much of My Monthly Income Should Go to My Student Loans?

    Student loans can make it easier to attend college, but what's the best way to pay them off? We look at two strategies to help decide the best approach for your situation.

  • How Does PhD Funding Work?

    To understand how funding works for PhD programs, you first need to understand the different possible funding scenarios. Here is a breakdown of the different ways PhD candidates are funded by their universities.