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Noodle Resources for Preschools offer early-education articles, printable teaching guides, and expert insights for child care and preschool providers across the country.

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  • 17 Bizarre Preschool Rules You Won’t Believe Exist

    In Connecticut, the preschool database is also searchable for fur traders and embalmers. In Nebraska, baby chicks are permitted in child care centers. This article highlights the 17 strangest state preschool rules in America.

  • How Preschool and Child Care Work: A State-by-State Guide

    Choosing a preschool may be the first major decision you'll make for your child. Until now, there was no single source that explained how preschool works in each state. These three-minute guides offer insights into everything you can expect — from required caregiver training to inspection policies — so you can identify great preschools and make an informed choice.

  • Pros and Cons of the Three Most Popular Child Care Options

    New parents usually feel excitement, joy, and wonder at the growth of their young child. But alongside these emotions, there’s often concern about which option is the best early childhood care arrangement for their family. Learn from Noodle Expert Cindy Terebush about the range of choices and how to decide what will work for your child.

  • An Expert’s Guide to Recognizing a Great Preschool

    If you’ve begun to think about preschool for your toddler, you may wonder which programs will provide a high-quality educational experience and be the right fit for your family. Read Noodle Expert Kate Zinsser’s insights to learn what the research says about successful early childhood programs.

  • 5 Ways Schools Can (And Should) Go Low-Tech

    While flashy high-tech classrooms get a lot of attention, going low-tech can have its own set of advantages, such as building a sense of empathy and community in the classroom. Learn about five low-tech solutions for great learning.

  • Understanding Attention Challenges: A Must-Read for Teachers and Parents

    If you have a child with attentional struggles, you recognize the academic and emotional challenges she faces. Learn why creativity, innovation, and acceptance may be some of the best tools you can use to help her succeed in school and beyond.

  • Meet Your Child's Disability Specialists: Who's Who on the Support Team

    Children with learning disabilities may work with specialists who support their cognitive, physical, and behavioral growth. Read this series by Noodle Expert Jules Csillag to find out about the practitioners who may be a part of your child’s LD team.

  • Learning Disabilities in Children: A Resource Guide for Parents

    Parents who have a child with a learning disability — or believe they see early signs of one — may be understandably concerned about the process of getting a diagnosis and early support services for their child. In this series, Noodle Expert Jules Csillag introduces parents to the evaluation process and provides in-depth examinations of seven common learning disabilities.

  • The 32 Most Innovative Online Educational Tools to Use in 2015

    From sites to apps and beyond, online tools are changing the face of education today. Noodle predicts which creative and effective ed tech will make the biggest impact in 2015.

  • 7 Books to Read to Your Child About Preschool

    As your child prepares to take those first steps into preschool, ease the transition by reading these books together.