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The SAT, or Standardized Achievement Test, is a standardized assessment administered to high school students and used by colleges as part of their admissions process. This topic will help explain the different ways to prep for the SAT, offering tips, advice, hacks, and answering common questions about the test.

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  • Noodle App of the Month: Gojimo (December 2015)

    The Noodle App of the Month series helps you find out about the latest and greatest education tools. Read on to learn about Gojimo, our pick for December 2015.

  • Why Higher SAT Scores Don’t Mean Boys Are Better at Math

    The College Board recently released data confirming that boys consistently outperform girls on the math section of the SAT. The report also reveals, however, that SAT scores alone are not an accurate assessment of girls’ math academic achievement.

  • 5 Tips for a Top Essay on the New SAT

    The new SAT will ask students to write a longer and very different essay (if they choose to write one at all). Earn a high score by using these 5 tips from test prep tutor and Noodle Expert Karen Berlin Ishii.

  • Acing Reading and Writing on the New SAT

    Ready or not, the SAT is getting a makeover, and this includes a radically revamped reading and writing and language sections. Learn from tutor and Noodle Expert Karen Berlin Ishii how you can prepare for the new exam.

  • 15 Great Test-Optional Colleges You Should Consider

    As more selective schools are becoming test-optional and test-flexible, students who do not take the SAT or ACT — or who don’t earn high scores on these tests — are applying and gaining admission. Learn about 15 great test-optional schools you should consider from Noodle Expert Dan Edmonds.

  • Test-Optional Colleges: A Guide for Prospective Applicants

    With the recent additions of George Washington and Drake, the roster of test-optional or test-flexible colleges is longer than ever before. But what does “test-optional” really mean, and do you get penalized for not submitting your SAT or ACT score? Find out how — and when — to take advantage of this college application option.

  • 8 Reasons You Should Choose an Early SAT or ACT Exam Date [Opinion]

    When is the right time to take the SAT or ACT? The answer is not the same for everyone. Read Noodle Expert Amir Mousavi’s take on the important factors students should consider before scheduling exams — and why earlier is often better for students.

  • 6 Strategies to Achieve Success on Holistic Essays

    Student essays are frequently scored holistically — but what does that mean? Learn from Noodle Expert Nina Berler what holistic assessment entails and how to improve your essay scores.

  • Expert Tips to Master the 5 Most Common SAT Grammar Mistakes

    If you’re a high school student who plans to take the SAT before it changes in March 2016, you’re going to face questions that test your understanding of some basic grammar rules. Check out these simple tips to avoid the five most common grammar mistakes students make.

  • How Much Is Too Much to Pay for SAT Prep?

    SAT prep is a competitive market, with costs out of reach for many families. Find out what's the best way to prepare for the SAT without breaking the bank.

  • Choosing Standardized Test Prep While School is Out

    Summer is a great time to relax, but it’s also a great time to get an early start on prepping for the SAT and ACT. Learn from Noodle Expert Anthony-James Green what you can do maximize your scores in the fall and beyond!

  • Why You Shouldn’t Rush to Take the Old (2,400-Point) SAT [Opinion]

    Most high school students already know that the College Board is unveiling a new test this winter. Noodle Expert and professional tutor Karen Berlin Ishii will walk you through all the reasons you should use your time wisely and prepare for the revamped exam instead of scrambling to take the old one.

  • How SAT Tutors Can Teach the New 2016 Test

    The redesigned SAT may make both tutors and students feel like they're back at the drawing board. But don’t fret — these tips will get you ready for success!

  • Group Classes vs. Individualized Tutoring: 5 Factors to Help You Pick the Best Test Prep

    Should you prepare for standardized testing in a group setting or on your own with a tutor? Consider these five things to make the right decision for you.

  • 6 Reasons Not to Take the New SAT

    With the SAT going through big changes, opting for the ACT may be a better choice for students applying to college.