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Articles, questions and answers about world literature, a mode of circulation and of reading literature that gains in translation.

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  • There's No Excuse Not to Read Multicultural Books in School

    In today’s economy, our children increasingly need a multicultural education to succeed in both school and the workplace. Learn from Noodle Expert Yamini Pathak how parents can bring diverse literature into the classroom.

  • 3 Young Adult Novels That Improve Critical Literacy

    Young adult literature is sometimes dismissed as “fluffy,” but plenty of authors are publishing thoroughly engaging books. Check out this high school English teacher’s suggestions of three exemplary texts that’ll encourage adolescents to read analytically and think critically.

  • Assistive Technology Makes Shakespeare Accessible

    Students with learning disabilities, like dyslexia, often find it difficult to understand Shakespeare's writing without a great deal of guidance and support. Fortunately, these students now have assistive technology that can help them be more independent in their study of the Bard's classic plays.