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  • Noodle Podcast of the Month: The Allusionist (February 2016)

    It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the tens of thousands of options available to you. The Noodle Podcast of the Month series reports on standouts from this crowded field. This month, embark on some “small adventures in language” with The Allusionist, our pick for February 2016.

  • 5 Key Leadership Skills Students Learn From Class Presentations

    Class presentations can stress kids out, but they can also teach them some valuable lessons about leadership that are crucial both in the classroom and outside it. Check out Noodle Expert Jen Oleniczak’s take on helping students build confidence and discipline.

  • 7 Tips to Become a Best-in-Class Presenter

    Like all public speaking, class presentations can be daunting and scary. Take a deep breath, and check out these tips from Noodle Expert Maryann Aita.

  • How to focus your attention?

    Try this bestessays service to find out. I think it's the best decision for you.

  • #AceTheACT With These 7 Strategies for a Successful Essay

    The ACT essay — though still optional — has gotten longer and more complicated. And it’s so new that guidebooks haven’t yet been updated with up-to-date advice. Noodle Expert Karen Berlin Ishii offers these 7 tips to help you earn a top score.

  • No, You Cannot Cite Wikipedia (And Other Frank Advice for Research Papers)

    Online resources can seem like a goldmine for today’s students, but do you know how to distinguish a genuine authority from a junk site? Learn from Noodle Expert Elizabeth Mack what to look for when you dive into your next research project.

  • 8 Steps to Overcome Perfectionism and Write the !$#@ Paper

    Many writers struggle to get started with an essay or a creative work, and this hesitation is a result of perfectionism. Noodle Expert Elizabeth Mack shares eight easy tips to get over your writer’s block.

  • Why You Should Be Writing Across the Curriculum in College

    Find out how colleges are teaching students how to think via writing — and ultimately preparing them for career success.

  • Don't Limit Your College Essay Format to Five Paragraphs

    College classes are more complicated and difficult than high school ones, and written assignments reflect that. Learn from college composition professor and Noodle Expert Corey Arnold how to break out of the five-paragraph essay form and write a compelling college paper.

  • 7 Rules of Digital Media Etiquette All Kids Should Follow

    The news isn’t limited to the daily paper anymore — it’s everywhere we turn. Take some tips from Noodle Expert Dr. Marco Clark and learn how to become an informed media consumer and commentator.

  • How to Switch Careers from Liberal Arts to Science in 14 Steps

    Changing fields can be difficult, especially if you’ve already invested a lot of time, money, and energy in your liberal arts career. Learn some useful tips for transitioning from a humanities-based education to the sciences from Noodle Expert and writer-turned-nutritionist Kendra Whitmire.

  • Why Everyone Should Take an English Class in College

    As students increasingly take Advanced Placement courses and exams in high school, they are often confused when they are still required to take composition courses at the university level. Learn from Noodle Expert Caitlin Holmes about the major differences between AP and college-level composition, and find out why students benefit from studying writing during college.

  • Your Profs Will Thank You if You Avoid These 10 Writing Mistakes

    If you want to show your professor you don't still belong in high school, stay away from these ten wince-inducing (but common!) mistakes on your next paper.

  • 6 Strategies to Achieve Success on Holistic Essays

    Student essays are frequently scored holistically — but what does that mean? Learn from Noodle Expert Nina Berler what holistic assessment entails and how to improve your essay scores.

  • Tips for Writing a Thesis in the Humanities

    Writing a senior thesis, honors thesis, or master’s thesis in the humanities can be an overwhelming undertaking. Here to help you through the harrowing process of research, writing, revision, and more writing is English teacher and Noodle Expert Corey Arnold.