Hannah Miller

World Traveler, TEFL instructor, Education Hacker, and Freelance Writer.

Raised as a world-traveler, I've been traveling full-time from the age of eleven. I've been to over 24 countries on five continents. I've pursued an unorthodox education on the road, and am now attending as an honors student at one of Canada's top universities, after which I intend to hit the road once more. I've worked as a freelance writer for five years, and have recently begun teaching the art of writing to students around the world via Skype. I'm also a certified TEFL teacher, and a public speaker on the importance of travel as a staple of education. I love bringing the joy of learning and experiencing other cultures and ways of life to others! It's my passion to empower and inspire others to find the means and resources they need to travel and learn.