Jon Golbe

Jon Golbe has worked as a writer, actor and Jeopardy! contestant. He is now a political organizer living and working in Brooklyn.


  • What is a "School Tuition Organization"? Is it different from a "Scholarship Funding Organization"?

    A different, increasingly common way for state governments to help pay for private school is scholarship-granting organizations.

    These are known by various names, including School Tuition Organizations (STO) in Arizona, Student Scholarship Organizations (SSO) in Georgia, and Scholarship Funding Organizations ...

  • How can I pay for private school on a budget?

    The first place to look for assistance with private school tuition is the school itself. They will let you know about financial aid options, including payment plans which are available for a fee from lending institutions. The school may also ...

  • What is a private school voucher?

    Some U.S. states have school voucher programs that give families access to money they can put toward private school tuition or, in some states, other education-related expenses.

    Which expenses are eligible (and who qualifies) varies from state to state ...