ArchForKids LLC

Project-based education venture

Through engaging learning programs grounded in architecture, design, engineering and urban planning, ArchForKids spurs young people to explore how the constructed world around them affects who they are and how they live.

As young designers create parks and dream houses, go on “I Spy” architecture walks and construct skyscrapers and sustainable cities, they apply academic concepts to real world situations. In addition, they gain a deeper understanding – and appreciation – of their own communities and the wider world.

ArchForKids partners with schools, libraries, cultural institutions, public agencies and community organizations. Programs include in-school residencies, out-of-school time programs, design challenges, workshops, camps, architecture walks and more.


  • What the Design Process Can Teach Kids

    Design isn’t part of traditional curricula, and that’s a shame, because kids can learn so much from the process — from planning and problem-solving to cooperating and public speaking.

  • What is Project-Based Learning?

    If you’ve been in a school lately, you may have heard the term “project-based learning.” Learn from Noodle expert Janny Gédéon what the term means and how this educational approach can benefit your child.

  • STEM to STEAM: In Defense of the Creative Critical Thinker

    Wondering if something may be missing in the rigid study of STEM? An expert from Arch for Kids argues that we may need a little “A,” or Arts and Design, injected into STEM.